With 2011 now in full swing, we can look back at 2010 with a positive sigh of relief as it ended with an average price increase of 9% in property values across the GTA. As expected, the GTA experienced two strong quarters to begin the year, followed by a slower anticipated 3rd and 4th quarter. With 2010 behind us, we look forward to 2011 with a more modest forecast.
Pre-Construction Toronto Condos are proving to be very wise investment vehicles for today’s savvy investor. For those in the know, these properties are limited to those who can cough up the 25% investment and have the patience required to stomach the longevity of such investments. Quite frankly, there aren’t very many hands off investments out there offering similar returns and it is no wonder Pre-Construction Toronto Condos have been making investors rich over the course of the last 10-15 years.
For those out there who aren’t familiar with a Pre-Construction Condo transaction, it is imperative you work with a real estate professional who has the experience to guide you through a successful and rewarding Pre-Construction Condo transaction.

Where are we today? Well...it's certainly hard say where we are given the fact that we're probably experiencing a shift in the marketplace. However, looking back at the first half of the year, the Toronto real estate market was extremely active. Historically 55% of all sales occur during the first six months of the calendar year. This year the same six months will more than likely represent approximately 60% of all sales conducted throughout the year. Obvious reasons for this is the iplementation of HST on July 1, 2010, which was well publicized going into the year.