Terrastone Landscaping
Joey Hanna


Install. Restore. Protect. Maintain - Your Home. 


These are at the core of what we are about. For almost 10 Years, TerraStone Landscaping Inc.™ has been giving families and homeowners across Ontario a helping hand at improving the hardscaping aesthetic of their residential properties.  

The advantage is within the experience and the end result. We offer face-paced, affordable, and reliable services relating to restoration, protection, and hardscape construction; and provide all the materials and tools necessary to facilitate your home improvement projects. It’s our contribution to realizing your home vision.

Here at TSL™, we are dedicated to providing an outstanding service experience with a high quality outcome. We want to ensure that your home improvement experience with us is one that will be shared with friends and family. After all, "Home is wear the heart is", and here at TSL™, we put a lot of heart into "perfecting the path to your home."