Burano  will be built just across the street from Murano and on the former Addison on Bay auto dealership at Bay and College. Fusing modern architecture, this condo is designed to rise 48 storeys high from the historical Addison on Bay building that will house a 2 storey mixed use retail commercial podium.
At first glance, Burano is a juxtaposition. Rising from the historical Addison on Bay building into a soaring tower of glass and steel, Burano will be a tribute to the art and design of its Venetian namesake. Its roots are firmly planted in the soil of Bay Street, but its heart beats to the glory of authentic Italian artistry.
The Bay Street entrance is through the traditional doors of the Addison building - with its solid brick presence and oversized windows. But the entrance plaza on Grenville is where Burano's personality emerges to the interplay of light and art off a three story glass lobby and pedestrian space that will be the pride of the neighbourhood.
Here, against the backdrop of Toronto's fast-paced financial district, Burano will offer a tribute to the more cerebral pursuits ? the art and culture of the old world ensconced in modern architecture with deep respect to a clear past.
Imagine the serenity of a quiet afternoon as you float effortlessly through the pristine water of the third floor rooftop pool. Here the noise of the city shuts off for a moment, as you revel in the peaceful waters of your private Riviera atop the truly inspired artistic podium. Burano will offer luxurious amenities, to help you make the transition from the gruelling pace of Bay Street to the inner sanctity that will become your personal place. A well outfitted exercise room with private studio space for yoga and pilates will help keep your body toned and your mind relaxed. A home theatre will offer comfortable seating and state-of-the-art equipment for your movie viewing pleasure. Internet lounge space and a billiards/games room will give you the perfect outlet for social pursuits and a stunning party room with full kitchen will be a wonderful place to entertain. All this, plus a private coffee bar, marvelous rooftop terrace and hot tub, makes Burano the perfect choice for people who appreciate their down time.


860 Bay Street
Toronto, ON
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